99 Names of Allah Memory Game Review

When Faithful Kids Games sent us this beautiful memory card game set with the 99 names of Allah, I was a little skeptical  since the kids are older and I didn’t know if they would enjoy a memory card game. BUT they loved it! Yesterday, when the babies were asleep , the older three enjoyed a couple rounds of the memory game. I eventually had to request them to stop playing once Baby Z woke up. (Which goes to show you how much they were enjoying)

There are 3 colors indicating the level of difficulty. The easier to remember names are in the green cards. So, that’s the level we played. The youngest started. If a player made a match, they kept going until they mismatched. When this happened, it was the next player’s turn… and until finally, all the cards were matched.

Every time they would flip over a card, I asked them to read the name – once they become familiar with the names on the green deck, I’ll have them start reading and familiarizing themselves with the meaning inshallah. When the game finishes … I asked them to read out the names that they matched.

Overall verdict  inshallah we will definitely be adding this to our Islamic homeschool eventually, but for now the kids want to keep it in their games collection, either way works for me, so I’m not arguing.

The game can be purchased directly through the vendor, faithfulkids.net or on Amazon, linked below.

5 pillars of Islam lesson – part 1

As part of our Islamic school Fiqh class, we are learning the 5 pillars of Islam. Understanding the pillars of Islam is one of our first and most important lesson in our homeschool. To allow the children to form a solid foundation, it is important to introduce the pillars slowly, one at a time, giving them the opportunity to fully understand each pillar before moving on to the next. We also wanted to use as many senses as possible for each pillar in order for the children to grasp the best understanding. Thus, this lesson will be divided intoz 5 parts. The first part, introduces the children to the concept of tawhid (the oneness of Allah), which is the foundation of Islam.
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Storing Surah Flash cards

After trying many different ways of safely storing the surah flashcards while still allowing it to be easily accessible to the kids, I finally found a way that works. Below I will share with you the best way I have found to store these flashcards.The flashcards are kept in a 4×6 photo and craft box on the bookshelf next to the mini tafseer books. These photo boxes are the perfect size for the flashcards. Each surah is stored separately in the individual boxes that come with this set. Keep one of the individual boxes available to use as the “Work In Progress” box. This will be where the children can keep the flashcards they have already memorized so it can be separate from those they have yet to memorize.

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Surah Fatiha flashcards

Surah Al-Fatiha Flashcards

Recently my 8 year old daughter pointed out that when I ask her to focus on her Salaat, she is unable to due to the fact that she doesn’t understand the meaning of what she is reciting. So, together as a family, we decided to take a step towards fixing this problem. Since Surah Fatiha is the most frequently recited part of Salaat, we decided it would be best to start there.
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Surah Memorization Tracker

This past summer, my three kids had two of their cousins spend the weekdays with us. With 5 kids, I quickly realized that keeping track of the ayahs and surahs each kid has memorized was difficult without some sort of written record. After some web searching, I found a design I liked. Unfortunately, the pdf available was limited to only a handful of surah and I wanted something a bit more comprehensive. I wanted to track the progress of every ayah in all of the Surahs of the last Jus as well as a couple longer Surahs that my kids were working on at the time, Surah Rahman and Surah Yaseen.  So, I did what I thought was the next best thing… I made my own.  Continue reading